About Us

Who we are

Chef-prepared, healthy, portioned meals throughout Columbus, Ohio. Our focus is on providing convenient, affordable, and delicious meals for you and your family. We want our clients to realize the growth that is possible through a structured, nutritious meal plan.

Why Mealz of Steel?

We take the care of the planning, cooking, and cleaning for you. Adding hours to your day to exercise, rest, and spend time with family. Our meal plan offers a clear path to consistent healthy eating habits by providing you with the essential ingredients for body transformation – frequent, delicious, and healthy meals with the right balance of nutrition.

Eat A Healthier

Control Your
Calorie Intake

Have More

Build Muscle
or Shed Weight

Our Commitment
To Quality

We use fresh, all-natural ingredients sourced from the highest quality, sustainable, and locally conscious suppliers. We use eco-friendly packaging and reusable coolers. We are here to meet your satisfaction with premium ingredients, freshly prepared, thoughtfully packaged, and personalized just for you.