Healthy Lifestyle

Your busy schedule no longer has to be a barrier to a healthy lifestyle. With the help of our expertly crafted meal plan, your body will receive the high-quality nutrition it needs to meet the demands of your life.

High-Intensity Exercise

Getting your body the fuel it needs to push through high-intensity workouts can be a challenge. Our meal plan is designed to make it simple to give your body what it needs throughout the week to meet the demands of your training.

Fuel for Competition

As a competitor, you are constantly striving to get the most out of your body. Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrition with our meal plan – expertly crafted to give you everything you need to achieve peak performance.

Treat Your Body

Mealz of Steel cooks chef-prepared meals for your family throughout the entire week. We use high-quality, all-natural ingredients to give your body the energy it needs to keep going. Here are a few of the many benefits:

Eat A Healthier

Control Your
Calorie Intake

Get More

Build Muscle
or Shed Fat

Consume High-Quality

Enjoy Delicious

Pick It Up

It’s Affordable
and Convenient!

Our Mealz of Steel

How to Order Your Meal


Each pre-portioned meal you create includes your choice of 4 or 6 oz protein, two sides, and a flavorful sauce.You may also purchase any of these items in bulk.


Place your order by Thursday at Midnight and your food will be freshly prepared and carefully packaged for pickup on Monday at your desired pickup location.


Pick your order up on Monday between 4 pm and 7 pm at our kitchen, or from any of the three Columbus area SupZilla stores – located in Grove City, Powell, and Hilliard.

Our Chef
and Founder

As a mother, full-time chef, and fitness enthusiast, I know how difficult it can be to consistently eat healthy nutrient-rich meals. Through years of experience working on my family’s farm and applying that knowledge throughout my extensive cooking career, I’ve gained valuable, applicable experience with the importance of farm-to-table food. My desire is to share my knowledge, passion, and personal fulfillment in this lifestyle with others in hopes of changing lives.

I created Mealz of Steel with the desire to enrich people’s lives and to encourage others to feel the incredible impact that clean eating can make in all aspects of their life. I want to help people succeed in their fitness, food, and lifestyle goals. The healthy, all-natural meals that I provide for families and individuals are meant to energize, nourish, and provide a structured system for my clients to achieve the potential that they may not have previously realized.

Mealz of Steel is not designed to be a diet, but rather a lifestyle change that will penetrate everything that you are and will become.